Other Progressive Websites

ABC Feelings

Various products for building self-esteem in children.

Answers — Politics

The guide contains tips and information on everything related to politics from how legislative process works, the two party system and much more.

Axis of Logic

Comprised of an all-volunteer group of writers and editors who are committed to publishing news and commentary that is often not presented in the major news outlets.

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors

CCCO supports and promotes individual and collective resistance to war and preparations for war.

The Daisy Alliance

The Daisy Alliance is a nonpartisan grassroots peace organization seeking global security through nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament, and the elimination of all Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)-nuclear, chemical, and biological. We raise funds in order to educate the public in all walks of life about the threat that WMDs pose to civilization.

Evergreene Digest

The vision for Evergreene Digest is to be the preferred one-stop on-line source for information and perspectives that major news entities exclude from the present day American conversation. The Internet makes it possible to loosen the grip on big media by taking the news into our own hands. We readers-turned-reporters can restore integrity to the nation's single most vital conduit for democratic participation, our media.

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

GN serves as a clearinghouse for space issues (including Cassini) and acts as a spark to ignite education and organizing.

Lion & Lamb Project

The mission of The Lion & Lamb Project is to stop the marketing of violence to children by helping parents, industry and government officials recognize that violence is not child’s play — and by galvanizing concerned adults to take action.

The Living Theatre

The Living Theatre, a fifty-year-old pacifist theater company whose artistic director is grandmother Judith Malina. They recently created an anti war play about military recruitment called NO SIR! In Times Square there is a military recruitment booth with a giant TV screen on top that shows a seven minute commercial for recruitment. The Living Theatre created a play to perform in front of the commercial and there is a film of the play on their website.

Million Mom March

Put Congress on notice for gun legistlation.

Mothers for Peace

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace is a non-profit organization concerned with the local dangers involving the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, and with the dangers of nuclear power, weapons and waste on national and global levels. Additionally, Mothers for Peace concerns itself with issues of peace, social justice and a safe environment.


Bring ordinary people back into politics. Make your voice count.

National Environmental Directory

A directory of more than 13,000 organizations in the United States concerned with environmental issues and education.

National Peace Foundation

Overall mission is to promulgate peace building and conflict resolution at every level, from the community, to the regional, to the national and international.

Norbert’s Bookmarks for a Better World

Includes more than 30,000 well-organized links to peace, social justice, environmental and other related websites around the world.

Not In Our Name

This war is wrong and people must stop it! Pledge of resistance, peace links.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Committed to creating a peaceful world — one with liberty, justice, and dignity for all. Peace is more than the absence of war.

Nuclear Free Future Award

“In the spirit of the World Uranium Hearing, the Nuclear-Free Future Award will help break the conspiracy of disinformation which silences discussion and controls countless human fates and threatens all coming generations.”

Peace Action

National chapter of grass-roots citizen action to promote global nuclear disarmament, reduce unnecessary military spending, and end the international arms trade.

Peace Action - California

Local Peace Action chapter.

Peace Alliance Foundation

Inspiring and empowering civic engagement for a culture of peace.

Peace Please

About peace and peaceful coexistence.

Play for Peace

Brings together children, youth and organizations from communities in conflict, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion and peace.

School of the Americas Watch

Comprehensive information about the movement to close the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia.

StandUp for Kids

StandUp for Kids is a national, not-for-profit organization founded in 1990 to help rescue homeless and at-risk youth living on the streets.

Teach Peace

Teach Peace is unique in how it serves as an umbrella organization to bring peace groups together to prevent and end wars. Their programs fill critical gaps that are often beyond the reach of many peace organizations, and they are careful not to duplicate existing efforts of other organizations.

Veterans for Peace

Veterans for Peace, Inc. is a national organization of military veterans of all eras engaged in educational and humanitarian activities.

WAND: Women’s Action For New Directions

WAND’s mission is to empower women to act politically to reduce militarism and violence and to redirect excessive military spending to human and environmental needs.

War Resisters League

The War Resisters League affirms that all war is a crime against humanity. We therefore are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive nonviolently for the removal of all causes of war.

Women Retiring With Gusto

Retirement and identity.

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